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Prices 2022/2023

1. semester2. semesterentire year (CZK 200 is included)
1x weekly1990 CZK + 200 CZK1990 CZK3980 CZK
2x weekly2990 CZK + 200 CZK2990 CZK5980 CZK

NB.: payment of CZK 200 is paid only once a year, it is a contribution to the Czech Association of Capoeira (the CAC). CAC member has the following advantages:
1) cheaper all the workshops during the year (each about 250 CZK)
2) to participate in Banding, races and CAC organized camps

pricecommentdue date
August 2022 – payment for the 1st sem. and the whole yearsee abovecurrent members15.9.2022
September 2022 – payment for the 1st sem. and the whole yearsee aboveonly for new members30.9.2022
January 2023 – batizado650 CZK / 1250 CZKchildren up to 6 years / children from 7 and adults
January 2023 – member contributions for the 2nd halfsee above31.1.2023
Summer holiday 2023 – workshopTBCfor current members (children from 10 years and adults)31.5.2023

Payments please on account: 2701480923/2010, message to the recipient: name (a member of the club, not paying)

Ondřej Novák /Instrutor Girafa/

Thanks for financial support to the club